Welcome to Ethics that doesn't suck! CPA and comedian Greg Kyte teams up with MBA and comedian Adam Broud to discuss the intricacies of behavioral ethics — sociological nudges that prime people to behave more ethically or less ethically. During their lively conversations, they draw on research from psychology and economics. And they do all of this while getting progressively more and more drunk over the course of each hour-long episode.

Why Accountants Love to Listen to Drunk Ethics
Drunk Ethics is hilarious and very affective at actually keeping my attention. I learned more in this CPE course than most ethics CPE, because it was fun and easy to pay attention to. 
— Bethany Schutte, CPA, Owner BRS Consulting LLC

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First Episodes

Raise A Glass To Drunk Ethics

Drunk Ethics is the only Earmark course where the presenters get more and more drunk, while at the same time discussing the intricacies of behavioral ethics. Stayed tu...

Integrity, Objectivity, Independence, and Irish Whiskey

In this inaugural episode of Drunk Ethics, Greg Kyte, and Adam Broud explore the intricacies of behavioral ethics, shot for shot. Learn why there is no such thing as p...

Ego Depletion, Transparency, and Tequila

One hour and seven shots of tequila later, Greg and Adam explain ego depletion, a social experiment on ethics, and transparency. They also pontificate on ways to reple...

Moral Codes, Self-Image, and Rum

Greg and Adam turn to talking about the intricacies of behavioral ethics. Fueled by rum, they intensely debate social factors that impact people's ethical behaviors, m...

Loyalty, Ethical Corporate Cultures, and Absinthe

Greg and Adam take on the challenge of downing seven shots of Jägermeister and absinthe as they discuss loyalty, virtues, core values, and their impact on accountant e...

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